Being above everything and everyone, a bit like being in heaven

Get to know our family come to Agritur Galeno in Luserna in Trentino on Alpe Cimbra

Get to know our family in Luserna in Trentino on Alpe Cimbra


Hello we are Stefania and Chiara!

We are part of the great Galeno family who will host you here in Luserna Lusérn on Alpe Cimbra. You are welcome.

Bolkhént atz Lusérn, to khlummaz a schümmaz lentle, acts pèrng. Bolkhént in ünsar haus

Fam Galen

La nostra cucina è attenta, prestiamo cura ai prodotti che utilizziamo, tutto ciò che possiamo lo produciamo in casa.

We have cows, chickens and pigs; we go to the woods for mushrooms and plants to season our dishes.

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Quiet, nature and the whole world at your feet. Luserna is magic, history and tradition. Come and discover it.

Our recently refurbished rooms

The mountain and its history

Luserna the land of fairy tales and traditions. Discover our thematic itineraries one step at a time.

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Photos of our mountains and Alpe Cimbra


A magical gift

Give Alpe Cimbra, our experiences that touch all the senses.

Try them and you will make your loved ones happy.

Per addormentarsi le coccole sono più efficaci dei medicinali.

Rest in our recently renovated rooms, to regain energy and be pampered.

Our rooms

L'ospitalità è di casa , una famiglia pronta ad accogliervi.

We want you to feel at home,
transmit the love we feel for our territory.

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