the magic and the fairy tale

Luserna Lusérn

Immersed in the silence of a natural setting of immense beauty , is the village with an ancient language, still spoken today by its inhabitants, the Cimbrian , here time has stopped and …

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Luserna and Alpe Cimbra

Luserna / Lusérn , a small mountain village at 1,333 m, located at South East of Trento , now represents the last island where the language cimbra , an old Bavarian, is still spoken fluently by 90% of the population.

It is located on the central-southern border of a large mountain pasture that winds through the areas of Folgaria is Lavarone and from there to the Vezzena Pass (1,402 m asl) where, through the narrow saddle of the Val d’Assa, you reach the nearby Altopiano dei Sette Comuni – Asiago.

The territory, characterized by natural terraces, extends over the underlying Astico Valley creating deep valleys and overhangs, with gradients of up to six hundred meters.

The morphology of the landscape means that the area is moderately undulating and that the peaks hardly exceed 2000 meters in height.

Lusérn is developing its own detail tourist physiognomy : in summer it is the ideal place for a stay dedicated to Relax , of complete immersion in the nature and for gastronomic tastings , in winter it enjoys an interesting strategic position not far from the Millegrobbe cross-country skiing center and from Lavarone ski area .

Millennial borderland, it has been able to preserve and pass on ancient traditions. Today Lusérn has a rich outdoor proposal made up of trekking paths, bike paths and a pedestrian path that crosses extensive pastures.


Asó stille izta ‘z lånt un asó schümma, of zait vest zo lazzade lem a pizzle in di rue.

Sidar hèrta afte grentze, guat zo halta lens by altn burtzan un in da gelaichege zait zo opfradar hèrta naüge emotion.

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From Folgaria to Luserna, a huge plateau passing through Lavarone and Vigolana offers us territories where to practice sports, seek culture and much more.

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The tranquility one step away from home

Not far from our farmhouse, the Millegrobbe cross-country ski center and the start of the Lavarone ski center lifts

Fairy tales and legends on our paths

Thematic trails that tell the stories of our tradition

Cimbrian Path of the Imaginary

Nå in tritt von Sambinélo

From stories to history

Dar staige von Groaz Kriage
Beautiful and exciting thematic route, a pleasant journey to discover Cimbrian fairy tales and legends. Wood carvings and illustrative panels along the route tell the protagonists of the stories that populate the local tradition, walking through woods, meadows and breathtaking views over the Val D’Astico.
Characteristic are the wooden installations by local artists …
It is one of the most interesting thematic and emotional itineraries in the Cimbrian area. Twenty eight silhouettes of metal, enriched with artistic details in terracotta, they tell in first person as many short, true stories that interested the population of Luserna before and after the great conflict. It is an educational path, recommended for school groups and families with accompanying children (+6 years).

On the tracks of the bear

Nå in tritt von Per

Path of Spring

Dar Staige von långez
The environment in which our excursion takes place has as its center Luserna, Lusern in Cimbrian, the living testimony of the German-Cimbrian colonization of the XI – XIII century. And it is a superb environment, characterized by pastures and extensive portions of forest, the ideal environment for the bear, precisely!
The area that extends downstream of the Lusernese plateau overlooks the deep Astico valley. It is an area made up of steep farms, of terraces once cultivated, supported by ancient dry stone walls, of rural streets once useful for the struggling cultivation of the mountain.