Obarlaitn Farm

In the farm you can visit our animals, all red spotted cows, hens and pigs.

At the restaurant you can savor milk, eggs and local meat in our dishes, as well as all the mountain vegetables.

A unique opportunity, a real use of resources at Km0, you will have the opportunity to enter a fairy world close to animals and respectful of the environment.

The Desmontegada

The Sunday of the “Desmontegada” is the culminating moment of this event dedicated to tradition, breeding and dairy products.

The day of the desmontegada is in September, you go down with the cattle from the Malga to the Farm, in company it ends with a great party that symbolizes the end of the mountain pasture season.

During the summer our cows are on the mountain pastures in the malghe above Luserna, their milk is therefore natural and the mountain cheese gains in taste, within itself it collects all the essences and plants of our pastures.

Our company.

On a beautiful day in January, Girovagando in Trentino went to greet the Nicolussi Galeno family in Luserna!